Simply Stated, the Go-Go’s is a group of people age 55 and older who like to have a good time. On the third Thursday of each month, we meet at the church, get on the church bus, visit a local attraction, and then eat in a nearby restaurant. On any given trip, we typically have 30 people in attendance and the group will normally include couples, singles, a friend or a relative.

2015- 2016 travel schedule:

September – Mayfield Dairy led by JG & David Humphries, Donnann & Edsel Holt.

October– Milledgville led by Judy Neal & Sandy Nesbitt

December– Atlanta Symphony Christmas Concert at North Avenue Presbyterian Church led by Jackie Seckinger & Judy Alfele.

January– Driving Miss Daisy Tour led by Pat Robinson

February– College Football Hall of Fame led by Sally Hale

March– Columbia Theological Seminary and Agnes Scott led by John & Judy Davis, Jackie Seckinger, Caroline Little

April– Ocmulgee Indian Mounds led by Jim Stanton, Mary Philisker, Diane & Don Cardell

May– Overnight (To be Decided) led by Celeste & Tom Green,  Pam & George Ketner

June– Screwtape Letters at Alliance Theater led by Judy Alfele.

Each Go-Go’s trip is included in the Church bulletin with a signup sheet. New members are always welcome! If you have any questions, please email Pat Robinson or call the church office.