Our Hope … is to provide a place where students from 6th grade to 12th grade can feel loved and accepted by God and others. We want them to feel the true joy that comes with being a Christian and we want them to feel comfortable sharing this contagious joy with others.

Our Ministry … calls us to a life of Christian Worship. While music, prayer and reading of scripture are all important elements of a worshipful life, they alone do not fully encompass what it means to worship God. We are called by Jesus to love God with all our hearts, soul, mind and strength; while also loving our neighbor as our self. We strive together toward these common purposes, and it is only in the doing of this that we are working towards a life of Christian Worship.

Our Events … are all about being together. We live in an individualistic society in which we are more likely to talk to a cell phone or a computer screen than we are to an actual living, breathing person. When we meet, we meet together. We spend time together, we study together, we work together, and we worship together. Sometimes we split into the Jr. High and Sr. High groups in order to provide a safer more effective ministry to each age group, but we always remember that we are a part of our larger youth group and a part of our larger church community. We do anything and everything together; from lock-ins to Bible study to worship to singing to mission trips to camp retreats.

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