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Sew Comfy Ministry

A group of women of MPC began the Sew Comfy Ministry in August of 2013 to minister to the needs of women of Henry County recovering from mastectomy surgery.  The heart-shaped pillow is specially designed to provide comfort during the post-surgical period and used under the arm to cushion from drainage tubes, across the chest when traveling, and many other uses.  Mary Mellot who had been involved in a similar ministry in another state, provided pillows for Debra Brown to give a friend of hers who was having a bilateral mastectomy.  The feedback received from that friend after using the pillows inspired these ladies to organize this ministry here at MPC.

Sew Comfy gathers one to two times per month with work done by individuals in the interim in order to keep a supply of pillows in all stages of completion and ensuring work for all available volunteers.  The project requires some volunteers in the group to possess sewing skills but there is plenty of work for those without sewing skills, such as cutting patterns and stuffing pillows. The project was implemented under the sponsorship of Friendship Circle,  and was later adopted by Presbyterian Women as a church-wide project.

Sew Comfy supplies mastectomy pillows to the Piedmont Henry Hospital Cancer Navigator who gifts them to the women preparing for breast surgery.  Those planning bilateral mastectomies receive two pillows and those receiving a single mastectomy receive a single pillow. The pillows are made from beautiful material and presented in gift bags, and we are told they are a special treat for the ladies.  The Cancer Navigator Nurse & patients themselves give wonderful feedback about the absolute necessity of these pillows for mastectomy surgery patients, and about how much these gifts are appreciated by the women who receive them.  How marvelous that we can provide some small measure of comfort during such a difficult time for a woman, both physically and emotionally!

For further information to make a donation, or if you need pillows for yourself or a loved one, contact Debra Brown at 770-820-8710 or Lynn Lowrey at 770-468-1478.

Above Photo: Debra Brown, MPC Member and Karen Bouman, Cancer Navigator, at Piedmont Henry Hospital with whom we work to supply women planning surgery and needing mastectomy pillows.