Our Officers

Class of 2018 Elders

Dottie Wise (Clerk)

Reid Burch (MPC Connect/ Tech)

Ginger Irby (MPC Connects)

Chuck Standard (Property/ MPC Connects/ Tech)

John Wadsworth (Finance/Personnel)

Martin Griffin (Youth, Global Mission)

Class of 2018 Deacons

Doris Griffin (Local Mission)

Lynn Lowrey (Local Mission)

Cindy Murray (Finance)

Jill Stroud (Cong. Care) 

Tim Wirt (Cong. Care/ Local Mission)

Kylah MacDonald (Youth, Cong. Care)

Class of 2019 Elders

Julie Garcia (Christian Ed)

Danny Brown (Global Mission)

Peter Thornton (Worship)

Mary Plishker (Finance/ Personnel)



Class of 2019 Deacons

Ruth Rucker  (Chairperson, Cong. Care)

Bob Phillips (Cong. Care)

Tony Okrutny (Finance)

Jill Shedd (Cong. Care)

Class of 2020 Elders

Ellen Foster (MPC Connects)

Eddy Smith (Worship)

George Stellings (Stewardship)

James Withers (Stewardship)



Class of 2020 Deacons

Christy Maddox (Cong. Care) 

Dusty Pope (Cong. Care)

Jerry Repp (Stewardship) 

Jean Williams (Cong. Care)


The Session meets the 4th Monday at 6:00 pm

The Diaconate meets the 3rd Monday at 6:00 pm